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Image shows proposed changes to Sutton Park.

Thoughts on the Proposed Climbing Structure?

The natural climbing structure is a unique style of playground equipment that uses natural round logs and strong webbing that encourages free play for children between kindergarten and middle school. Below is some feedback we've received so far, and we'd like you to contribute your thoughts. Before contributing, please check out the photos to help inform your comments. 


  • This playground isn't accessible for small children (under 5y) or inclusive of people with limited mobility.
  • Kids over 8y will be less bored than when using more traditional playgrounds.
  • This is good, but there should be a variation of this playground for smaller children (e.g., using smaller logs, lower to the ground).
  • This is a good playground for Sutton Park, since this park is more geared toward older kids (12+) and there is an inclusive playground across the street at Poquonnock Plains Park.
  • This doesn't create enough options for families with kids of different ages.


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